chevrolet’s BelAir’s for sale

05-12-2013 ColombianCarshow by E van Voorst

Here we have a new car for sale, a chevrolet BelAir cabrio from 1953
the price of this car is $ 13.000,- dollars
please contact us

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Colombiancarshow 20-10-2013 by e van Voorst

This Chevrolet Belair wagon has a nice color combination, Blue with White the Price of this nice Chevy is $ 13.750,- dollars

ColombianCarshow 20-10-2013 by e van Voorst

An other nice Chevrolet BelAir from 1954 also in the color combination Blue and White  the Price of this beautiful Chevy is $ 10.000 dollars

ColombianCarshow 20-10-2013 by E van Voorst

A nice Chevrolet BelAir Coupe from the year 1954 in a color combination of red with a black roof, the interior is new fitted with beige and red leather. the Price of this nice car is $ 12.200,- dollars

ColombianCarshow 21-10-2013 by e van voorst

This 1955 Chevrolet BelAir Coupe in a perfect state and has a nice red/White color combination. the Price of this 1955 Chevrolet BelAir Coupe is $ 28.000,- dollar. Please contact us if you have any questions.

ColombianCarshow 28-10-2013 by e van voorst

this nice Chevrolet BelAir Cabrio from 1950 has gotten a new interior that  one of best upholstery of the country made. also the car recently got for new tyres with the with band. this car is in a perfect state and has been owned for the last 12 years by the same car enthousiast.

the price of this nice Chevrolet BelAir is $ 16.950.- dollars

please contact us when you want more information about this car.

ColombianCarShow 28-10-2013 by e van voorst

We found an other nice Chevrolet for you, this Chevrolet coupé from 1939 is black with beige leather interior. This car is in a good condition we are asking $ 22.250.- dollar

please contact us for more information.


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