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Colombian Car show 20-10-2013 by E van Voorst

Styling changes for 1938 model, with a longer hood extending to a nearly vertical grill, taller bumper guards,Important changes were made to the engine and chassis. The ride was improved by changing the rear leaf springs for coil springs, supported by double-acting shock absorbers that. The frame X-member was changed from I-beam into channel construction and all wood structural elements were replaced with steel. The engine combustion chambers were redesigned and new “turbulator” pistons raised the compression ratio from 5.9 to 6.5:1, resulting in an increase in horsepower to 141.

For this Buick we ask $ 33.000,- dollar


我們對於這個別克問33.000美元, – 美元

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ColombianCarShow 20-10-2013 This text is based on information from Wikipedia.

Second generation full-size Century There was the choise of the following Body style 4-door sedan/ 2-door coupe/ 2-door convertible/ 4-door hardtop station wagon With the choice of two different Engines 322 ci 4-bbl. 255hp V8/ 364 ci V8 The dimensions of the Buick Century Wheelbase 122″ Length 206.3″ year 1954/ 206.7″ year 1955/ 205.1″ year 1956 208.4″ year 1957 211.8″ year1958 Width 76″(1954-1955) Height 60.5(1954) 59.8″(1956)

In 1954, Buick reintroduced the Century using the same formula of mating the smaller, lighter Buick Special body to its largest and most powerful 322 cubic inch V8 engine with the intent of giving Buick a performance vehicle. Included in the model line up during this period was a station wagon model, a body style that had been unavailable during the Century’s first production period of 1936 to 1942.

Introduced in the middle of the 1955 model year the 4-door Buick Century Riviera along with the 4-door Special Riviera and the 4-door Oldsmobile 98 Holiday and 4-door 88 Holiday, were the first 4-door hardtops ever produced.

The Century remained Buick’s performance line, with engine power rising from 200 (SAE gross) in 1954, to 236 in 1955, to 255 in 1956, and topping out at 300 from a bored-out 364 cu in (6.0 L) engine in 1957-58, the last model years for the full sized Century line. . Power windows were standard in the convertible. A padded safety dash became optional.

Because the Century was considered the senior “small Buick”, the model received GM’s only hardtop station wagon, the Century Caballero, from 1957 through 1958. The Caballero’s expensive tooling, plus its limited sales appeal, caused GM to abandon the hardtop station wagon body style going into its planned 1959 divisional-wide new design program.

For 1959, Buick renamed the Century the Invicta.

The Price of this Buick Century from 1957 is $ 27.750,- dollar

第二代全尺寸世紀有4門轎車/ 2門轎跑/兌換2門/ 4門硬頂旅行車的選擇兩個不同的發動機322 CI 4萬桶以下體型的choise 。 255HP V8 / 364詞V8的尺寸的別克世紀軸距122 “長206.3 ”年度1954 / 206.7 “年度1955 / 205.1 1956年208.4 1957年211.8 ” year1958寬度76 “ (1954-1955 )高60.5 ( 1954年) 59.8 “ ( 1956年)

在1954年,別克世紀重新使用相同的公式交配更小,更輕的別克特別身體最大和最強大的322立方英寸的V8發動機與別克性能車輛的意圖。在示範線包括在此期間旅行車型號,車身造型,已經無法在本世紀的第一個生產週期, 1936年到1942年期間。


世紀仍然是別克的性能線,發動機功率上升200 ( SAE毛)在1954年, 236在1955年, 255在1956年,並補足了300從一個無聊出364立方米( 6.0升)發動機在1957年-58全尺寸世紀行的最後一款車型年。 。電動車窗是標準的可換股。軟墊安全幾許成為可選的。

因為世紀被認為是高級的“小別克” ,該模型得到通用汽車公司的唯一的硬頂旅行車,世紀卡瓦列羅,從1957年到1958年。 Caballero的昂貴的工具,再加上限量銷售的吸引力,使得通用放棄了硬頂旅行車的車身風格,其計劃的1959年部門範圍的新設計方案進入。


價格從1957年的別克世紀27.750美元 – 美元

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Colombiancarshow 20-10-2013 by E van voorst

the 1966 model year,  a four-door (pillarless) hardtop sedan was introduced. The convertible, hardtop coupe, and two-door sedan where unchanged for sale. The 1966 two-door Skylark was available with the optional “Wildcat 375”, 340 ci a engine whit 260 hp (194 kW) and 365 lb·ft (495 N·m). torque and a 4-barrel Carter carburator.

The Price of the red Skylark is $ 21.500,- the blue costs $ 11.750,-

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ColombianCarshow 20-10-2013 by e van Voorst

The Buick Roadmaster had the same platform as the Cadillac and the Oldmobile 98 this mend that it was a long car with much interior space, the Car got a improved front suspensión and the engine produced now 200 horse powers.

we found two splended cars for you the Price of the black $ 14.850.- dollar and the blue one $ 22.500.- dollar


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