found a nice couple of vintage race car video’s

ColombianCarShow 16-11-2013 by e van voorst

Hello you all, bloggers, car enthusiastic and the rest! what happens when you don’t have anything to do on a saturday evening and television isn’t bringing you anything interesting? Ok you can guess it by the tittle i gave this article. I started serving the web in the hope to find something interesting for the first place myself, but why be selfish if i am able to share these YouTube movies with you guys! So here is the first i have found, have fun watching, I did!!

I hope you enjoyed watching the first short movie, then i found you a other one of a Ferrari 512 at the circuit of Spa Francochamps in the belgium Ardennes. This car is producing some nice sounds, but that is my opinion.

After this ferrari i found an other one but this time a movie of the 1989 formule 1 car that was driven by the Ostrian Gerard Berger. this is also on Spa Francochamps circuit in Belgium. This V12 Ferrari F640 produces a sound that gives me chickenskin. Don’t know if this is an english expression but it’s been used in Holland.

i hope you enjoyed my Saturday night pics, thanks for watching and hope to see you back soon.


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