Mercedes Benz Clase S 220 1964 heckflosse

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Mercedes-Benz W111

The W111 is produced by Mercedes-Benz from 1959 (“W” stands for Car). The W111 is a predecessor of the S-Class and was at that time a luxury car.

In the field of passive safety, the W111 was a pioneer. In the interior of the W111 were the sharp parts covered. The doorhandles at the door were so posisitioned that they could cause injury. Also, the W111 was the first car with a safety steering. The W111 was on for the first time safetystructure with integrated crumple zone applied, designed by Bela Barényi.

The development of the W111, the successor to the Ponton, began in 1956. The production started in 1959. These cars were quickly nicknamed “Flosse” or “Heckflosse”. In English-speaking countries, they are known by the nickname “Finnie”. In comparison with his American contemporaries were more harmonious flukes according Mercedes angle markings, which were handy when parking. The body design comes from the team of the then chief designer Karl Wilfert.

The “b” in the type designation 220 b or 220 Sb was from 1959 indicate the difference with its predecessor, the “Ponton” series, with the same designation. The basic version 220 b was unlike his brothers stronger smaller, up to the middle of the back to slightly sloping rear with less chrome.

This model is in a very good state inside and outside and comes with a original open sliding roof.

the price of this car is  $ 16.500 dollar or 12.200 euro’s

( there are multiple Mercedes Benz Heckflosse for sale )


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