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Bogota 12-02-2014 by E van Voorst,

Two weeks a go there was a car audio show, a show with a lot of cars with the purpess to produce the most decibels. Normaly i wouldn’t have visited this show but we where invited and after looking some nice modern cars with all kinds high tech colors and bling bling rims, i was suprised with a hall full of classic america musle cars! So i want you all to invite to take part in my photo-tour of the cars that where shown.

foto's 31-01-2014 2668 foto's 31-01-2014 2667 foto's 31-01-2014 2697 chevrolet corvette's foto's 31-01-2014 2744 foto's 31-01-2014 2512



new arrival for this week

05-12-2013 ColombianCarshow by E van Voorst

Here we have a new car for sale, a chevrolet BelAir cabrio from 1953
the price of this car is $ 13.000,- dollars
please contact us

Passion for porsche

All people that have a passion for classic cars, probably know this feeling that Magnus Walker is discribing. The sound, smells of gasoline and the old leather the feeling the car gives you when driving. You are in control of the car and not like modern cars that are in control.

I wrote a bit more but due to a powerfailer i lost half of my post, this is the way of life overhere in south america! with these moments of incomfort you need lurn to live. the first few months it drove me crazy, but after a year i think i changed and have adapted to the colombian way of life.
Why hurry tomorrow comes another day.

this is the simularity with the following video i want to share

found a nice couple of vintage race car video’s

ColombianCarShow 16-11-2013 by e van voorst

Hello you all, bloggers, car enthusiastic and the rest! what happens when you don’t have anything to do on a saturday evening and television isn’t bringing you anything interesting? Ok you can guess it by the tittle i gave this article. I started serving the web in the hope to find something interesting for the first place myself, but why be selfish if i am able to share these YouTube movies with you guys! So here is the first i have found, have fun watching, I did!!

I hope you enjoyed watching the first short movie, then i found you a other one of a Ferrari 512 at the circuit of Spa Francochamps in the belgium Ardennes. This car is producing some nice sounds, but that is my opinion.

After this ferrari i found an other one but this time a movie of the 1989 formule 1 car that was driven by the Ostrian Gerard Berger. this is also on Spa Francochamps circuit in Belgium. This V12 Ferrari F640 produces a sound that gives me chickenskin. Don’t know if this is an english expression but it’s been used in Holland.

i hope you enjoyed my Saturday night pics, thanks for watching and hope to see you back soon.

some old 4×4’s for sale

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ColombianCarshow 14-11-2013 by e van voorst

this new blog is dedicated to old 4×4 i have found here in Colombia. I will start with this yellow jeep willy from 1952 it’s a nice looking car in a good condition, this is one of the few jeep willy’s i have found, so if you are interested in an other willy i can help you find the right car for you. please contact us the price of this yellow willy is $ 8050.- dollar

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ColombianCarshow 14-11-2013 by e van voorst

here the second old 4×4 a land Rover santana from 1970 in a very good state. this nice green Land Rover with a good beige interior can be yours. the price of this piece of history is also $ 8050.- dollar contact us

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ColombianCarshow 14-11-2013 by e van voorst

and then the last 4×4 of this blog is a nice Toyota Landcruiser FJ from 1967 also this car is in a good shape en can be yours for the price of $ 11.125,- dollar please contact us for this car by

this weeks new cars

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ColombianCarshow 30-10-2013 by e van voorst

this weeks find, a very cheap Mercedes-Benz W111 200 S, this 1966 Mercedes-Benz is in a good state and the price of this Mercedes-Benz is only $ 3000,- dollar it is a bargen.

please contact us for this car by

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Colombiancarshow 7-11-2013 by e van voorst

A nice Volkswagen transporter type T1 with the bar in the middle of the windscreen, this car is not original the interior has been modified. But its a car in a very good state, an excellent base to bring back to the original state. the price of this nice Volkswagen Transporter T1 is $ 24.350,-

there is an other Transporter coming this way. contact us please

ColombianCarshow 28-10-2013 by e van voorst

What makes a blog intresting? I am exploring all the options that wordpress bring and more, google+, webhost helping program’s to attracked more traffic to your webblog or webside. But still its a complete new world for me! But exploring this new world gives me more possibility’s to share things i like. Till now i have had 64 visitors from around the globe, but i would like to know what intrest you people more?

Ok with this website i am trying to sell cars, but for me it has to be inter active with my visitors. it shouldn’t be a only selling website. There must be a little entertainment in it as well, because this website/blog is dedicated to cars i have posted 2 completly different youtube movies. For me they both are intresting!

I wish you all fun watching these 2 movies and hope to see you soon back overhere.

Chevrolet Belair 1954 blue

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This Chevrolet Belair was produced in 1954 and comes with a powerglide automatic transmission the car got 115 hp (86 kW)  6 cilinder in line engine. and was the luxery line of Chevrolet. this car looks great inside and outside and for a very good price. this car comes with power brakes, power seat positioner and power front windows!

Dieser Chevrolet Belair wurde 1954 hergestellt und kommt mit einem Motorsegler Automatikgetriebe das Auto bekam 115 PS (86 kW) 6 zylinder-Reihenmotor. und war die luxery Linie Chevrolet. Dieses Auto sieht innen und außen sehr gut aus und die  Preis super. Dieses Auto kommt mit Bremskraftverstärker, elektrische Sitz Stellungsregler und Macht Fensterheber vorn!

Este Chevrolet Belair se produjo en 1954 y viene con una transmisión automática de powerglide el coche tiene 115 caballos de fuerza (86 kW) del motor 6 cilindro en línea. y fue la línea de sofisticación de Chevrolet. este coche se ve muy bien por dentro y por fuera y por un precio muy bueno. Este coche viene con frenos de potencia, posicionador asiento eléctrico y ventanas delanteras eléctricas!

price is $ 11.000,- dollars or 8200,- euro’s delivered in one of the ports of colombia.

contact us for more information.



Mercedes Benz Clase S 220 1964 heckflosse

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Mercedes-Benz W111

The W111 is produced by Mercedes-Benz from 1959 (“W” stands for Car). The W111 is a predecessor of the S-Class and was at that time a luxury car.

In the field of passive safety, the W111 was a pioneer. In the interior of the W111 were the sharp parts covered. The doorhandles at the door were so posisitioned that they could cause injury. Also, the W111 was the first car with a safety steering. The W111 was on for the first time safetystructure with integrated crumple zone applied, designed by Bela Barényi.

The development of the W111, the successor to the Ponton, began in 1956. The production started in 1959. These cars were quickly nicknamed “Flosse” or “Heckflosse”. In English-speaking countries, they are known by the nickname “Finnie”. In comparison with his American contemporaries were more harmonious flukes according Mercedes angle markings, which were handy when parking. The body design comes from the team of the then chief designer Karl Wilfert.

The “b” in the type designation 220 b or 220 Sb was from 1959 indicate the difference with its predecessor, the “Ponton” series, with the same designation. The basic version 220 b was unlike his brothers stronger smaller, up to the middle of the back to slightly sloping rear with less chrome.

This model is in a very good state inside and outside and comes with a original open sliding roof.

the price of this car is  $ 16.500 dollar or 12.200 euro’s

( there are multiple Mercedes Benz Heckflosse for sale )

Buick skylark 1966

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This nice looking Buick is in a good condition and comes in a nice combination of red paint and black leather. 340 cubic-inch V8 engine using a Rochester 2-barrel carburetor and producing 220 hp (160 kW). This car is produced in 1966 and is 2 doors skylark.

the price of this buick is $ 21.500,- dollars or 16.000,- euro’s

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